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How We Began

Justine and Keli stumbled into each other at a conference and became fast friends. They are both drawn to advocacy and, with their varied background and experiences, were able to bring a unique perspective to the current practices surrounding tort work. 

Although Keli and Justine began as independent business owners, they quickly realized they offered a unique perspective when analyzing cases. Even before they officially became business partners, they worked together seamlessly, bouncing new ideas off each other and bringing a multidisciplinary approach to their legal nurse consulting businesses. As luck would have it, they were presented with the opportunity to work on several mass tort appeal cases.  They realized how important the appeal process is when they were able to help get a client enough money to move from a state-run nursing home to a private nursing home to live out her last days in more serene surroundings. 

Starting with appeals not only taught them how the tort process works but honed in on their skills as the liaison (or bridge) between the claims administrator and legal team. They proved their value by increasing the client’s settlement in most cases by more than 50%, while in other cases averaged a 30%-40% increase.  

While they still do appeals, they have learned the art of nurse-driven intake and case qualification, completing Plaintiff Fact Sheets, medical record retrieval, medical record review, and medical summaries.  They are also managing “virtual” offices for boutique law firms to help reduce the firm’s costs while still providing the same high-quality intake and medical record summaries. They have built an incredible team and streamlined both the intake and qualification process, all while delivering high-quality work products. Their focus is “simplify processes without compromising quality.” 

Our team

Meet The Founders

Justine Hanna, CFO & Founder

Justine is co-founder and CFO at Mass Tort Medical Consultants. Justine has been a nurse for over 12 years, working in Renal, Medical-Surgical, and the Stroke floor. She has spent her past nine years in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and remains clinically active (it’s hard to leave the babies).  

Justine initially entered the legal world with her own nursing firm as well, Hanna Nurse Consulting, where she focuses mainly on Personal Injury cases. Mass Torts lured her in fast, and she joined in forming a joint business specializing in Mass Torts with Keli. 

Justine has worked on various torts as well, doing what she does best- honing in on the information that matters most and creating simple, effective reports for attorneys. Her meticulous nature and the drive to constantly improve align perfectly to help Mass Tort Medical Consultants deliver outstanding products.

When she isn’t running two LNC businesses or working bedside in NICU, she enjoys spending time with her family, including three exceptional children, her loving and supportive husband, and her super smiley dog Moose.

Fully Qualified & Licensed

Licenses in: AZ, AL, CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, GU, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MS, MO, MT, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NC, ND, OH, OK, SC, PA, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WV, WY, WI.

BS in Nursing.

RNC-NIC Certification

Justine can be reached at:

Email: justine@mtmc1.com

Call: 847.701.5802

Keli Heskett, CEO & Founder

Keli began her nursing journey over 14 years ago. She has worked in many areas, specializing in critical care, Emergency, Flight, ICU, Informatics, and travel nursing. 

Keli initially entered the legal world with her firm, Critical Care Nurse Consulting, focusing on Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice. She has successfully grown and maintained her business while co-founding Mass Tort Medical Consultants. Since then, she has worked on various torts, changing the way traditional torts are done.

Keli’s tremendous initiative and drive to do and be better drives Mass Tort Medical Consultants to deliver the best to our clients and their attorneys. Her judgment and ability to analyze problems ensure a logical and practical approach to tort analytics.

 Keli completed her Master’s in Forensic Nursing in December 2022. She enjoys mentoring young women who want to pursue a career in the sciences or small business and is dedicated to helping others grow. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her senior dogs and hikes with her supportive husband. If she has a stretch of free time, you will find her on the beach.

Fully Qualified & Licensed

Licenses in: AZ, NM, TX & FL

MSN in Forensic Nursing BSN

BS in Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) since 2014

Keli can be reached at:

Email: keli@mtmc1.com

Call: 575.993.2143