Continuity Of Care

Nurses play a pivotal role in liaising among the many disciplines required to deliver patient services.

Nurses can act as patient advocates and coordinate with other members of healthcare teams to ensure continuity of care. They often have numerous interactions with patients, which places them in a unique position to help ensure that patients’ needs are met within the appropriate continuity of care. In addition, nurses are often keenly aware of healthcare communication channels and can help facilitate referrals, recommendations, and treatment plans.

Patients who actively participate in their continuity of care with other medical professionals, especially nurses, have better outcomes than patients who do not participate.

Some of the many services we help facilitate include:

Following up with patients after they are discharged

Participating in patient advocacy

Educating patients on disease processes and the next steps in their treatment

Guiding patient care using tools such as care maps and care plans

Summarizing medical visits to ensure the patient understands the next steps in their healthcare journey.