We understand that the intake process sets the tone for the entire case and our team of experienced nurses excels in the intake process utilizing the method of communication that best suits your client.

Medical Record Retrieval

We save you and your legal team time and frustration by obtaining and screening the medical records needed for each individual case.

Plaintiff Fact Sheets

Plaintiff fact sheets can be long and difficult to complete and often with very short time lines. Our team of experienced nurses have years of training completing complicated health histories and intake forms and have completed numerous PFS.

Tort Appeals

Do you have cases that the Claims Administrator has denied? We excel in writing medico-legal appeals and have seen some fantastic results. On average, more than 85% of our appeal letters have resulted in a 50% settlement increase. We believe that EVERY client deserves the best settlement possible.

Case Analysis

Have a case that you already began and received records on? We understand we can’t always be there at the beginning of the process. What we can do is provide you with a case analysis based on the information gathered. Our review can be as brief or thorough as your case requires.

 Chronologies & Summaries

We break down the medical records into a chronology and facts summary specific to your case. We include only the relevant information, giving you the most efficient way to review the medical records of your case.

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